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Today we’ll be learning from Beethoven!

Improvisation rookies regularly play arbitrary and aimless notes since they envision that in the event that they just played one or two in turn, it would seem like they had nothing to 'say'.

Take a look at the world's most prominent composers- they OFTEN utilized just ONE or TWO phrases/expressions as the premise of their best compositions.

Consider Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. Everybody is familiar with the popular opening expression 'Da Daah - da daah'.

Listen intently and you will find that he rehashes this fundamental example ENDLESS times. It's simply HOW you manage the pattern. That is all that matters.

The next time you pay attention to improvisation, notice how frequently patterns are rehashed either in a rising or dropping manner and they sound GREAT!

Predictability and Uncertainty

The best tunes will in general have a balance between predictability and uncertainty. It's pleasant - on occasion - to have the option to think about where the tune is leading. This can cause us to feel part of the production of the tune, but if the song turns out to be TOO predictable it can become exhausting and dull. It's invigorating to be led towards another direction occasionally. This hold interest.

Consider this when you are composing tunes. Don’t fear predictability, but try maintaining interest too regardless of whether that implies utilizing ONE riff in a stunning assortment of ways like Mr Beethoven!

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