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Be the Captain  of your Pianoplane!


"A good Captain charts his own course", our exclusive 21st century music pedagogical method, the adaptation of strong German and Japanese methods combined, supports training of creativity and focus, all while guaranteeing having fun using the child's imagination abilities, to develop a precious child into a strong and intelligent individual capable of piloting his ship, and creative enough to design his path towards success in all areas of his growing journey. You are cordially welcome to our seminar to understand how our method works, know our teachers, and have a taste of how lessons are like. Feel free to contact us to book your seat.

Director's Message

I'm Ben here, representing Pianoplane Music School! Yes with passion and 10 years of teaching music, I finally managed to gather my friends from music college to establish a team for teaching music. We are a cohesive team that has dedicated our lives to teach music, we have daily meetings to update each other on how to effectively handle various types of kids learning styles, such as how to adequately train a right brained child, from a left brain child. All while working with students in the real world, gathering feedback, and then reviewing among ourselves and our professors. In other words, we are concerned with how to use our music method to train a child's main sense to develop his other senses, and also in the process, develop his psycho-motor co-ordination skills in our special rhythmic class.

Fly high Captain!


We want to also develop the child's creativity while teaching the child creative song composition, and how to use our exclusive sight reading technique to develop hand and eye reflexes. Our mission in Pianoplane music school is to use our special method to well develop a child's mind's processing capabilities and his body's macro muscular capabilities and his emotional ability to be expressively bold when needed and to be gentle when needed. We want to train a child to become an, all rounded, smart, passionate and talented individual, giving him a new musical language to connect with this wonderful world! All so that he can become the Captain of his own Pianoplane and steer it towards future success in his life! - Sincerely, Teacher Ben. Presenting you Pianoplane music school's market breaking method.

Benjamin Tan
Founder’s Notes 

Hi Captains, I am Teacher Benjamin, I founded Pianoplane Music School because I would be very happy to see a world of children playing music and expressing themselves artistically and creatively isn't it? My personal mission is to live in a world surrounded by musicians, and what better to start with developing and working with beautiful children. My teachers and I are very looking forward to start classes with you guys. See you in training soon Pianoplane Captains!


The Mission of Pianoplane Music School

Is to successfully combine imagination and music, to bring your children on a fun and adventurous musical journey by using just their creativity, to learn to read and play music.


The Vision of Pianoplane Music School 

Is to see that the children around us have a musical journey that is unforgettable and be one of joy and wonder!

Here are 7 things that your child will learn when they have piano lessons at Pianoplane music school:

Number 1. Children will learn one song that they can take home from the first lesson:
Reading music is not just looking at black dots on a sheet, but by translating the dots into this simplified cute doggy and bunny game, it is not just interesting to children, yet we can learn the relation of how reading music scores works through fun!

Number 2. Children will master sight reading and it becomes a fun game, instead of a no improvement drudgery:
Remember our doggy and bunny game? That was mainly for helping children learn the fun way, but to read music this way, the score of 2 pages become 20 pages long. So instead of changing the way reading music works, we only use doggy and bunny game as a stepping stone to the real juice! That is speed block sight reading, which you may heard of, but here in Pianoplane, we take it to the next level! Using our special visualisation technique, we are going to show you how to match these pictures to the score, so it gets to a point where you're just looking out for these fun pictures when you see a block of notes. Wouldn't that be so fun? Yes, And our teachers are very excited to show you how too!

Number 3. Children will receive a code to learn all the major scales and minor scales within 2 lessons:
Yes! You don't have to memorize 100 different scales anymore! Just remember this one line of code and you'll be soaring left to right on the keyboard! Aye Captain!

Number 4. Children will be told a fun mnemonic story to help them remember where all the notes are, and then use the special story to read every note on the music sheet.
Combining the techniques learnt in this mnemonic story to the special visualisation technique explained in our second point, our job here at pianoplane music school is to train your child to stack mnemonic techniques, allowing their brain to process quickly and creatively! Achieving more in the same amount of time! Thereafter, playing while reading the music sheet will become a smooth flowing enjoyable experience!

Number 5. Children will learn how to analyse music scores themselves and understand the various main stream chord patterns:
Many people think music is very difficult because it looks like a thousand dots swimming in a white ocean, but look how we separate the sections, find repeats, understand the chords and its repeats! Yes now, you are only reading 4 sections, not 1000 dots anymore, and let us show you how.

Number 6. Children will learn to play by ear
Ever wanted to hear a song on youtube and wanted to play it so badly but didn't know how? Let us help you with that! We are going to help you recognize the most common rhythmic grooves and chords patterns of today's music, and teach you how to mix and match the patterns of them to form your favourite song! Step by step, you will learn how to build up the ability to play your favourite song, which will lead you to compose your own music too!

Number 7. Children will learn to write music and lyrics, play pop music, blues, jazz piano etc.
You will have fun in jamming sessions with your teacher with concerts where students can showcase their talent. students can form bands with other students, and write and record music together and be featured on spotify and youtube! The songs we write and record together in Pianoplane Music School will be marketed to people who enjoy listening to children's music. Doesn't it sound fun?

So, welcome to Piano Lessons, Captain! Call us now at the number below, to enquire about enrolling, or to book a seminar seat with us to get a more indepth understand of how our method works. Our friendly representative will be very happy to chat with you. So you guys, ya ready to become the Captain of your Pianoplane?! Ok, let's go! woosh ~

We’d love to hear from you!

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