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  Our Teachers    

Benjamin Lee 


Hi everyone I'm Ben, I've been teaching piano since 2008 using a modern teaching method, using this method I have seen awed reactions from students exclaiming examples like "wow, is it that easy to play Fur Elise?", Since then I have improved the methods that I used even more. And more and more students have found it easy and fun to play piano, this is my greatest joy.
I have studied under music professors that have spent their lives looking for the best methods to teach music to children to help children understand music really easily. I was an intern turned secretary to my professor, whenever he came back from Germany with new mnemonics that him and German music professors developed, he would tell me and I would record it in my notes and practice teaching my own students. I found it to be excitingly effective, I became very interested in teaching since then.

Classical / Pop Piano, Guitar, Drums

Soon enough, we had enough mnemonics to publish a book. For one year I was an apprentice and understood fully all he taught me. And now I am confident to bring all I have learnt to you. Under my belt, I have dozens of mnemonic tricks to help students learn piano fast, and recognize the patterns in music scores. Reason being that I challenge their learning engine in a challenging yet fun way! I realized when you kick start a child neuron creating process, it can never stop! This is why I find many children enjoy the bliss of becoming a smarter individual everyday, And I am really excited in imparting this knowledge to all of you, and be surrounded by many students that love music as much as I do!


Connie Pheh 


Before becoming a music teacher, Connie has spent her college years majoring in children development, with diploma in piano performance as her second subject, her love for working with kids and her love for music and caused her to ask "why not let me teach music to little children so that I can put my two utmost interests together". Since then, she has started to work as a music teacher in kindergarten and after graduating from college, she started to teach grades, and group children keyboard classes, as she dicovered, became her forte. One day in 2011, as I was pondering over how children development can help with piano pedagogy with kids, I looked around the city for good examples, and found Connie doing her work at her best in a humble pre-school establishment at the outskirts of the city.


When I approached her, she introduced herself and told me something that I can never forget, "children are proof that God is not yet given up on men", and suddenly I realised the reason and meaning behind my work. Since then I have shared everything I know with her regarding music teaching, her with me, special techniques on how to work with children. And after a few years already, today, we are very happy to share everything we know with your kids.

Kids' Classical Piano

Evelyn  Loh 

Only daughter to a humble music college professor in Taiwan, Evelyn has been trained by her mother and practiced dutifully with her mother's strict guidance, at 4, while kids of her age are playing outside, she's at home practicing on the piano, and all that paid off when she passed her grade 8 examinations at the age of 12. And then moved to Singapore to study in Secondary School. And since then, throughout her teens, she has wondered what more is there to just passing the graded exams and seeks to unravel the secret of the magical language of music. And one day, after meeting me at my simple presentation during college, regarding, "piano pedagogical methods of the 21st century", it sparked her interest in teaching because as she said, "I never thought there are so many more ways that children can learn music". 


Kids Classical and Pop Piano

From her keen interest in teaching has allowed us to share many of the different methods from the different countries. And today she wants to share them with you too.

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