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Welcome to Online Piano Lessons with Teacher Ben!

Watch this video to understand how our lessons are like.

Welcome to Online Piano Lessons with Teacher Ben.

Session types we have 30 or 45 min 


  • I will use our Pianoplane method (click) to guide you with fun mnemonics to help you to remember how to play music notes on the keyboard fast and properly. You don't have to learn wrongly and relearn in the future again


So, Within the first lesson I can be very sure that: 

  • you will be able to know where all 7 notes on the keyboard are. 

  • and you will be also able to play your favourite song within the first lesson. I will draft some fun exercises for you related to the song we will be doing, it will be fun, similar to playing a game! 

  • And I will also jam your favourite song with you and give you some friendly pointers on how to improve your groove and feel of the song.


Hi I'm Ben, welcome to online live piano lessons with me. I constantly use creative methods to help my students learn music fast and creatively, so you don't have to worry that we will waste time, or if it will boring

I teach both adults and kids. I have taught many people how to play their favourite songs and also, how they can learn how to play by themselves. We will be going through how to listen and play by ear. I also have a really good way of teaching sight reading, if you want to know more about this method there is a youtube link below, 

so, if you have problems with sight reading, I will show you step by step how to do sight reading properly. 


So as you can see here we are going to use this interface. 

there will be a keyboard here to show you very clearly how my fingers play, so you can imitate it yourself on your own keyboard, 

and over here you can see the music score here and it will be reflected on your video call screen really clearly on your laptop or iPad in front of you. That means i can easily guide you with music reading with the best communication possible. 


So for example, we are going to use this Fur elise score, and if i want to tell you that this is an Emajor over here, I will just type it out right here and send you this in PDF format for you to view on your lap top.

Alright so the next thing we will also learn here in our online class is CREATING A CUSTOM SCORE FOR YOU.

so its Not only just sight reading, We can also switch over to song analysis, and create a score of your favourite song to match your learning pace live here on your lesson itself. So let’s take a look over here and see how it goes


There you go 


The score that we custom created together, will be just right according to your skill level, so it will not be too boring or easy, or too difficult to you.

All we have to do is go on Skype and hit the call button, and we will be ready to go on our awesome, musical journey. Anytime of the day.

 So look forward to see you guys then!

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