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Music learning is a vast adventurous flight. So here are the courses put in simple perspective by your Captains at Pianoplane Music School!

"Ohhhhh ~ There are so many ways of learning piano flight, what should I do? Where should I start?" Fret not aspiring Pianoplane Cadet! Our teachers at Pianoplane Music School have compiled the decade's best Piano pilot training materials to provide you with the best training methods available, made just for you! First, let us take you on a rhythmic and musical game course, and then take you through the "obstacle and exercise" courses, and then soon you are up and soaring left and right on your keyboard in no time!

Simply choose one out of 3 of the training programs below. Our training programs are designed specially to be complimenting to each other, so it does not matter which one you start with first! And the best thing, is we can customize the course modules further for you as well. So what are you waiting for? Let's pick one and get started! 

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