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BALLAD STYLE: A Structured Approach

Today, we take a look at different manners by which you can make your playing more musically organized and thus more energizing.

Utilizing the chord changes to guide the right hand

In the past examples you had the option to utilize ONE scale over the four chord changes. This functions admirably yet clearly has its restrictions.

We are currently going to utilize each chord change to assist us with figuring out which notes will sound best in the Right Hand. This will give us more variations and will bring more construction to our courses of action.

A variation on the three note left hand pattern

Now, play the accompanying grouping of notes (in light of the chord of C) ONE note at a time from the low C up to the G up to the C and back down to the G (4 notes altogether).

Keep the support pedal down the entire time.

Next, move the entire pattern TWO notes left dependent on the chord of Am

Then, at that point two notes left again to F

Now, one note right again to G

Play each grouping TWICE, like this:

2 x C, 2 x Am, 2 x F, 2 x G and back to C

(Keep the support pedal down through each succession

Lift it and supplant it BETWEEN chord changes)

See it in Musical Notation below:

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