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Today we’re using all the basic C Family Chords.

The amazing Broken Chord Ballad

Although this tune sound complicated, it is very easy to play. This is a fancy-sounding tune and is guaranteed to knock everyone off their chairs!

Part 1

Learning to play the tune using only one chord will make it easier to play the rest of the sequence. Think about the C chord in your right hand.

Play the notes separately, one at a time, instead of playing them simultaneously. This is what we call a Broken Chord.

Here is a depiction on what it looks like in Music Notation:

Do the same, but now using only your left hand.

· Play the C note with your WEE finger

· Play the E note with your MIDDLE finger

· Play the G note with your THUMB

That was it for Part 1! Now onto part two.

Part 2

Before you tackle part two, be sure to have the ability to play the Broken Chord with both hands.

This part is a bit more exciting. We’ll be using a Sweeping melody line by making use of broken chords. Here are 4 steps below:

1. Play a Single C note two octaves to the left of middle C with your Left Hand using any finger.

2. Play a broken C chord one octave up from that note using your right hand.

3. Now raise your left hand over your right and play a broken C chord one octave up with your left hand.

4. Lastly, sweep your right hand under your left then play a broken C chord one octave up using your right hand.

Test your ability by playing this pattern with the F Chord. Start with the chord of F with your left hand on the low side of the keyboard.

Play the tune using the chord sequence below.

This is how it looks like in Musical Notation:

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