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The keyboard simplified

Hi everyone i’m teacher ben and today we will learn how to play the basics of piano! Are you ready let’s get started pianoplane music school teaches a fun way to play music and we provide a free online course through this blog to whoever is interested in learning piano. If you need someone to guide you, feel free to enquire with us at 84443702 and come for an orientation session to understand how to enrol with us and our teachers will be very happy to give you one to one classes until you can soar the skies of music by yourself. We have piano classes in Jurong, sengkang, ang mo kio, aljunied. and our teacher will even travel to your house to teach all around singapore, so lets get started with today’s class!

First Step:

The keyboard simplified

There are many rows of the same pattern on the piano keyboard, and they all repeat.

it starts with two back keys (rabbit ears), followed by three black keys (crocodile teeth), this is one set of keys. Then it repeats itself, across the whole keyboard.

Look here! The dot here is MIDDLE C, when you read future posts, I will always put the middle C with this dot. The middle C is the left side of 2 black rabbit ears.

The white and black keys make up 12 keys. This is one pattern of keys on the keyboard. Called one “octave”. They are repeated, just that it is separated into low and high pitches.

The low C sounds like a bear, and the high C sounds like a bird. The note names are the same, C, but the pitches are different, that’s all.

White piano keys.

Do you know how to sing the ABC song? Great, all the notes on the white keys go like this, A, B, C, D, E, F, G. After that it repeats itself again.

You must be able to say out all the notes on the keyboard, look at the black notes, the “rabbit” and the “crocodile”, they are your friends to help you find all the alphabets on the keyboard.

Look at the left side of the “rabbit”, it is the C, and look at the left side of the “crocodile”, it is the F. If you follow this way of reading notes, it will be difficult to get it wrong! :D

Exercise: Are you able to find these notes on the keyboard?

G, B, A, D, C, E

Alright this is the end of today’s class! tomorrow we will learn the black keys and and Wednesday we will learn how to play chords, so stay tuned! See you guys at pianoplane music school for your first class!

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