• Kaymery Swart

Slash Chords and Bass Runs

Symbols like the ones below are often seen.

In this scenario, these symbols indicate than an F Chord should be played with your right hand and a G notes with your left hand simultaneously.

Saying it out loud helps with practicing and playing. For example, “F over G” should be said when you see F/G. (Right hand on top and left hand at the bottom)

What are Slash Chords all about?

These chords indicate that a BASS RUN will be played by your left hand- this leads to chords that follows. Envision playing as a bass player. If you practice this way, you will realise that these slash chords and bass runs are a positive ADD to a tune played on a piano.

Now let’s practice some of these slash chords. The sequence below makes use of a Slash Chord base line.

Practice some of these progressions below.

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