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Pitch: Highness or Lowness of Sound: Part 1

The overall high level or low level heard in sound is known as Pitch. Consider Happy Birthday to You. The elevated tone is on the third birth-day, not long before the name of the celebrated subject.

The frequency of a sound's vibration determines its pitch. A higher pitch is created by fast vibrations, and vice versa. The frequency of a vibration is estimated in cycles per second. The uppermost frequency tone on a piano is 4,186 cycles each second, whereas 27 cycles per second is the lowest. Remember, faster vibrations and higher pitches are created by small vibrating objects.

Tone is referred to sounds that have a fixed pitch. The frequency is very particular e.g. 440 cycles each second. Tone vibrations are consistent, accessing the ear simultaneously. Noisy sounds- such as squeaking brakes- have an endless pitch since the vibrations are irregular.

Different pitches create different tones. An interval is created by the "distance" between the pitches of two tones. An octave is produced when tones are set apart by the interval- the outcomes is a similar sound. Consider the intro of Over the Rainbow: "Some place over the rainbow far up high." The tone on where and some sounds the same, despite the tone on where being higher. This is because an octave exists between them. The tone's vibration frequency on some is half of the tone of where. Two different tones that are separated by only one octave fuse together so wonderfully when played simultaneously that they could be mistaken as one.

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