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Let’s look at our third rhythm: Oom Pah

To get started, first practice playing a right hand C chord. This should be at the Middle C chord and should be played at a balanced 4 beat bar.

While you have this going, try to add a two note pattern with your left hand.

NOTE: The 3 notes in the Right Hand chord are C E G, whereas the pattern you’re playing with your left hand uses the notes C and G too but backwards.

Try not to play numerous beats with your left hand. Left hand notes are held for two right hand beats each.

The Oom Pah Progression

Now, shift the Oom Pah rhythm you just learned using the C chord and interchange it with the chord sequence C, Am, F, G. These are played below the Middle C Chord.

Practice using the C Chord for the Oom Pah rhythm

Here are two progressions to look at:

1. Oh When The Saints

2. Jingle Bells

Keep on practicing and memorizing. You will realise how easier it becomes if you are repetitive and continuous!

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