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How does music play a role in society

The Importance of Music in the Society by Daniel Zambas.

Music is an essential part of today’s society. Whether it’s advertising, entertainment, corporate events or sports, music is found everywhere. The audience understands the power of music very well, this is seen in how music affects and moves them. For example, a specific melody will always be attached to a specific trademark which is normally taken from other established compositions. This leads to a generation of people who only recognize the music as a part of the product and not the original piece of music that it is.

In the world of art, music is used to further express a piece of work like a film or documentary. The highly anticipated action and romance scenes in films are accompanied by a crescendo of an orchestra which pulls at the emotions of the audience. The scene would have had a different impact if the music was not part of the scene.

The escape that music offers is really helpful to the individuals of today’s society. A song, album or piece of music can provide the soundtrack of someone’s life. This is because when you hear a song it will remind you of a specific memory. That is the mystery of music, you can be transported to a different time just by hearing it. Isn’t that just the mystery of music itself?

Music communicates with our souls and you can feel its effects throughout your life. The music of today’s time defines a lot about society around us today. Plato stated, ‘Any musical innovation is full of danger to the whole state and ought to be prohibited. When modes of music change, the fundamental laws of the state always change with them.’ He recognizes that music can change the social consciousness showing how music can also be used negatively. This argument has been used to criticize popular music for their direct link with youth perception of sexuality and gender roles.

It is assumed that youth and adults can be influenced negatively or positively by the type of music they listen to. Here is where education comes in to steer the perceptions of the music created and popularised in the society. Most of the music created is a reflection of the artist’s journey in life. That is why it is argued that hip-hop artists who use violent and sexual lyrics, do it as a result of their life experiences. By clearly understanding the circumstances of the artist, the arising issues can be addressed clearly and fairly. It is clear that whether directly or indirectly, music is a materialized feeling or belief. In the case of instrumental classical music, you can assume that it has a specific meaning but it has a different meaning to different people. For one person, rock music can make them feel aggressive while for someone else it may be the opposite. Music has been historically proven to invoke thought in society and affect people’s perception of matters affecting them.

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