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Creativity is the next level of human progression

Creativity is important because everything we see around us, the designs of the buildings, the interior design, the cars. They are all designed by Creative people who can visualize what they want to bring to this world.

It all starts with the ability to visualize and that is what you will be able to do when you have someone to guide you in using music and art for this purpose.

A lot of young people these days do not know what they want to do when they grow up. This is when the ability to analyze what is needed in this world and to be able to visualize how they themselves can help to make this world a better place. And the ability to visualize the fun and enjoyment that they can achieve out of doing something for this world, even when what they thought was boring in the first place.

Having the correct upbringing is one thing. With the correct social and family support, is another thing. Having the correct investors in whatever endeavor a child has is one thing. But ultimately is how the child is able to see himself being able to get satisfaction out of something that he can do for this world.

I think this is something that is not existent in today’s education, is that kids are not trained to see how they can use their born talents to show what they can do to contribute to this existential plane. And that they are forced to use only one single system, built to can fit a mass audience. And they wonder why they do not know what to do for the environment around them. Causing a lot of internal issues.

In school, children are not trained to imagine, the only place that kids can be trained to imagine is by reading, drawing, and music. Thereby needing good guidance is needed to nurture this area of experience.

We want to touch the source of creation, and by music, we open a rift in our experience to be able to touch this source and to be able to focus on it, developing concentration stacked with knowing clearly, through imagination, for the goal of the concentration session. I only realized this when I became an adult. Why not let kids start learning how to concentrate while captivating their imagination to produce excitement in their experience of life?

A lot of times we ask kids to concentrate but have we ever thought of how to incite fun in the activity to concentrate on to maximize the joy of the experience.

Thereafter we will be able to remove the sugar coating of ”imagination aid”, and allow the child to be able to tackle more in-depth higher studies such as calculus and rocket science. Nikolai Tesla was able to visualize the whole engine before he created it. Beethoven could hear the whole piece of music in his head before he wrote it down.

The next level of human progression is of the imagination. We have spent the last 2 generations developing the environment: the safety of the environment, the economic stability, and the infrastructure and now let us put the efforts of the pioneers to good use and propel toward the next stage of human progression.

The measure of good upbringing is when a child doesn’t want to be famous because he already knows he can if he wants. But decided to do something else that is beneficial to this world instead. The ability to visualize. This is the most important.

Come and join Pianoplane music school in our quest to create a wonderful environment to live in. Let's be the captain of our Pianoplanes.

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