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Bossa Nova Bounce Rhythm

Today we’ll look at the Bossa Nova Bounce Rhythm.

Diagrams are used to explain this rhythm because it is easier to understand this way, as opposed to word-form such as verbal and written word. Tap the following rhythm. Count loudly and emphasize every number where the beat occurs.

E.g. “ONE and two AND three AND FOUR AND ONE and two AND three AND FOUR AND”.

Notice the beat between beats 2 and 3 via the right hand.

Try it with a C Chord right hand and a left handed C note now. Repeat and practice.

Now try this rhythm with a few songs. See them below.

Our next rhythm for today is Twist 2.

Although Twist rhythm 1 might seem difficult in the beginning, it is rather easy after you’ve discovered it. The setback with Twist 1 is the presence of many right hand beats. The sound can become too busy and one cannot incorporate it into certain songs.

This issue can be resolved though. We do this by cutting out a few right hand beats when using the SAME left hand rhythm.

This rhythm isn’t as effortless as Twist (1). It does, however, but gives off a 'funky’ slow laid-back sound often preferred in certain songs.

Mater Twist 1 first before attempting Twist 2.

Attempt this new rhythm with chords of Let’s Twist Again.

Play the sequence once again, this time when playing the FIRST right hand chord of every bar, play it with a ‘sweeping movement’ one note at a time using your thumb and wee finger. This is known as ‘Glissando’.

It adds colour to the rhythm.

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Mike Wright
Mike Wright
02 Αυγ 2023

I get the Bosa Nova Bounce. I wonder, could you explain a modified BNB?

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