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Bluff Your Way- '9', '11' and 'sus4'

CHORDS: One Magic Formula

The more tunes you play, the more you will see chords, or chords, with the numbers 9, 11 and sus4 behind them.

Figure out how to play these chords since they all add 'color' to your tunes.

Here is a perfectly concocted ONE MAGIC FORMULA that allows you to feign each of the three sorts of chords without any problem...

Section 1: Where the Numbers Come From

Chords depend on SCALES. Chord NOTE NUMBERS are gotten from these scales.

For example, this is a C7 scale - (2 Octaves):

The chord of C uses 1 3 5

= C E G

The chord of Csus4 utilizes 1 3 4 5

= C E F G

The chords of C+ utilizes 1 3 5#

= C E G#

The chord of C6 utilizes 1 3 5 6

= C E G A

The chord of C7 utilizes 1 3 5 7

= C E G Bb

The chord of C9 utilizes 1 3 5 7 9

= C E G Bb D

The chord of C11 utilizes 1 3 5 7 9 11

= C E G Bb D F

Section 2: One Magic Formula

Observe that the ADDITIONAL notes for C9 are Bb-D

The ADDITIONAL notes for C11 are Bb-D - F

Also, the ADDITIONAL notes for Csus4 is F

Presently notice that Bb - D - F is the chord of Bb major.

So, in the event that you play the chord of Bb major with your right hand and play a bass (ROOT) note of C with your left hand, you will generally hear the 'sound' of the C9, Csus4 and C11 chords.

From this model we can undoubtedly work out a FORMULA to empower you to EASILY bluff any '9' , '11' or sus4 chord.

Note that the RIGHT hand Bb chord is 2 notes LEFT of C


Soooo, the MAGIC Formula is:

TO BLUFF X9 or X11 or Xsus4

LEFT HAND - plays the ROOT note of X in the bass

RIGHT HAND - plays a MAJOR chord whose ROOT note is 2 notes LEFT of X



(These progressions are for improvisational purposes only)

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