• Kaymery Swart


Before attempting Blues piano. We first need to establish the basics. The easiest way to get the hang of it is to learn the rhythms of the LEFT HAND first before you attempt the fancier ways of the right hand.

The left hand rhythms need to be completely mastered long before you practice the right hand rhythms. They need to be played repeatedly. A thousand times, if you must! Play them as you watch television and get your muscle memory working for the Blues.

Let’s learn Rhythm 1: Basic Triad Blues

A common and basic tune is a combined one of three chords played over twelve bars.

Let’s start with the key of C. The three from the C key will all be major chords C-F and G.

See the sequence below.

Use a basic left hand rhythm that encompasses of the basic chord’s three notes. Hold a C chord in the right hand.

Try the next tune by transposing the pattern to chords F and G.

The Basic Triad Blues

REMEMBER! Learn the left hand Rhythms Before the right hand licks!

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