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Practicing your much-loved Beatles songs and rhythms in this posts will result in you mastering the majority of them. It will be fun too! Some interpretations can have a significant effect on your sound.


The Beatles utilized sevenths a LOT!

Play a chord of your choice gradually. Afterwards, move your thumb to either the maj7 or the 7. The result? A Beatles melody will play in your head.


They likewise frequently utilized bass runs. Try the accompanying tune in the style of Penny Lane.

You can accomplish something almost identical with FIXING A HOLE.


Tons of Blues and Rock and Roll songs were covered by The Beatles. They also composed numerous of their own songs in these genres. Listen to the Beetles and see if you can pinpoint Blues rhythms in their melodies.

Attempt the Blueberry Hill rhythm with OH DARLING as well as the Boogie rhythm style of 12/8 Jerry Lee Lewis with BACK IN THE USSR.

You could also alter the standard Blues rhythms to suit. Attempt it in the style of LADY MADONNA then, at that point, work out the ACTUAL melody!

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