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An effective method to CREATE MELODIES and IMPROVISE

Most melodies depend on WORDS and SENTENCES. Musicians, songwriters specifically, infrequently compose a tune and afterward add words to it. No, they typically start with a combination of verses, chords and melody.

A melody or an extemporization resembles a CONVERSATION. Pay attention to individuals talking- you could nearly hear it like a tune.

Do you see the assortment contained in even a short discussion like the one above? The unique lengths, various volumes, various speeds, various pitches - you may hear a woman with a high voice and a man with a deep voice. Take note of strain, discharge, energy, outrage, weariness, bitterness, and satisfaction. Many people blabber, while others grunt words.

Remember the above when you are producing melodies. Don't simply play aimless, or casual, notes. Do you TALK aimlessly? Pose inquiries in a single expression and answer in the next expression.

Stick to the CHORD TONES to frame your expressions. So on the off chance that you are playing Em7 chord in the left hand, experiment with similar chord tones in your right hand- add the odd 'in-between' note to give it life. As you progress you can experiment more, BUT work up to that.

Play some ballad style left hand sequences and make a CONVERSATION with your RIGHT hand notes. Play it overall quite lethargic. Consider what you are doing: ENVISION two individuals talking- it may be romantic partners talking, or it could be people in a confrontation, or just somebody conversing with themselves about a lost love or a previous lament.

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