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Alrighty let's do a little bit more note reading and get on to playing!

Let’s learn a bit on how to read notes! Are you guys ready for a tiny bit more music reading learning? and after that we can start really playing, Let’s go!

How to read these lines, and what do these squiggly shapes mean on these lines?

Not too difficult actually..

These group of lines on the top, are for your RIGHT hand to play, on the RIGHT side of the piano, on the RIGHT side of middle C.

These group of lines on the bottom, are for your LEFT hand to play, on the LEFT side of the piano, on the LEFT side of middle C.

Do you see one line going through the middle C note? It is the only note that has a short line across, isn’t special? The top one is for the RIGHT hand to play, and the bottom one is for the LEFT hand to play, but they are actually the same note ya.

Read it like the way you read books

So we are going to read music notes like how we read story books, from left side to right side.

Do you see these dots on the in between the lines, or having a line through them? Each of these dots is a note, and we will read and play these notes on the keyboard.

Then if you see a few notes on top of each other, then we will play it TOGETHER, meaning, 2 fingers play one note at the same time ya.

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