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All about Music

All about Music

Music, like any other form of art, is an expression of emotions. It mostly combines singing mixed with a variety of musical instruments like the piano, guitar or drums. Music dates back to ancient times where people tried to imitate the naturally occurring sounds around them. Paintings from ancient Greek artefacts such as vases, showed a music lesson taking place. Even in Africa music was a form of entertainment with people singing and playing instruments such as horns and flutes.

You probably have a favourite musician or band, right? Have you ever wondered how they became so good? By learning music you will be able to understand more about the composition and what went into creating the song and not just what you hear on the radio. Here are more benefits of learning about music.

Learning music has many benefits to your life and not only to make you feel better. Whether you are in Singapore or anywhere in the world, you can learn about music. The impact of taking guitar lessons or piano lessons may not be easily noticed at first as compared to learning about leadership or money matters.

Good for your health

It very common to hear many people say that their health has improved so much after playing music. Research shows that music strengthens your immune response to viruses. It also helps in lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety and stress. Music therapy has been shown to help heal the soul by reducing stress and getting you relaxed if you are listening to classical music.

Boosts your social life

Learning how to play an instrument will help you interact with more people in different settings because of how diverse music is. You might make some new friends and join a group of musicians. This bonds and relationships with other people will make your life more interesting.

Teaches Discipline and Patience

Learning music isn’t as easy as it may look. It requires the learner to put in time and effort. Playing an instrument such as the piano will require you to learn a new song by practicing over and over again. The soft skills that you will get from these lessons will impact your whole life.

Improved Intelligence.

Learning about music increases your concentration and focus. While playing an instrument you have to consider the tempo, rhythm, note duration and many other things. This improves your ability to concentrate. Other areas of the brain are also stimulated becoming more active. The part of the brain that deals with the storage of audio information is more developed in musicians because their ability to memorize this information is higher.

Boosts Creativity

Listening to music can help you be more creative. You can listen to music that inspires you to tap into your creativity. You can use the power of music to motivate you to do a lot of things listening to a variety of music can help grow your creativity too. Music can only be good for your life.

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