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One familiar digit in songbooks that you’ll notice is the number seven, e.g. Cmaj7 (C major 7), C7, G7, Dm7.

Rhythm piano sounds amazing when you have mastered forming seventh chords, and is therefore important to learn.

Seventh chords maj7 and 7 can be used with ALL chords for example, C can become Cmaj7 or C7, and F can become Fmaj7or F7.

So, what is a seventh?

It is not important to know the reasoning in order to use it. In short, chords are built on SCALES and the chord note numbers come from these said scales. (1, 2, 3, -7).

Below is a Major C scale.

Now, here is a C7 scale:

DO NOT PANIC! There are two easy formulas to follow.

The seventh chord will be added below as opposed to on top. This makes things a whole lot easier!


(2) Now try it on the chord.

Let’s play a rhythm by using the seventh chord.

Split Chord Rhythm

This particular rhythm is created by sitting the right hand chord. This is done between your thumb and 3rd and 5th fingers.

First play the chord in its entirety, then only with your thumb, and finally with your third and fifth fingers. Repeat by starting with your thumb again.

Your left hand plays the single chord and holds it (one octave left).

In musical notation, this is how it would look:

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