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How to play Chords real easy!

Hi students! It’s teacher Galvin here, and today we will be learning how to play chords, this is a guide for all who want to learn, I will try my best to introduce the chords to you in a very clear and simple way with cute diagrams, making it fun for you. For those who would like to take classes to understand further, do contact me and I would be very glad to guide you. let’s get started. So, How to know how to play chords?

The difference between a chord and a note is that, a chord is 3 notes that are played together at 1 time, with different notes played together, making it sound nice.

Do you know, we always tap our hands to the rhythm when we listen to a song? If we do something like this with chord, playing repeatedly, we can play the accompaniment for some one singing, or play it with a melody of the right hand, creating a whole song!

The first chord that we should learn is, C CHORD.

When we play the C chord, we will use the 5th finger (pinky), 3rd finger (middle finger), and the first finger (thumb). At the start, this will feel like finger yoga, where you may feel that it is difficult to stretch. But keep it up there! You are doing well, in no time you will get it!

Try to play all the 3 notes together, if you cannot play 3 notes together, try to play the middle finger and thumb first, 2 notes together first, then when you are able to do it, play the pinky and the middle finger together. When you can do it, play all three together! There you go!

Right now, lets learn how to play the simplified version of Happy birthday’s left hand chords! Are you ready? Lets go! In happy birthday, there are 3 main chords, the first is C, then G, then F, and goes back to C again.

C, G, F, C

Don’t need to rush, let’s do it slowly and repeat it, and later we will learn how to play the right hand for it.

If you have not gotten used to the hands playing chords, don’t worry, continue at it, and since music is all about chords, learning this muscle memory is going to be very very good for you! Keep it up and we will be here for you if you have any questions. See you soon for piano class again!

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