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Hi everyone welcome to pianoplane Group keyboard class! (kids, teens and adults program)


Let your kids learn their favourite songs from their favourite cartoon, and their favourite movies and develop an interest in music from young! You will never need to force your child to practice piano again because they love playing their favourite songs and meeting their friends from keyboard class every week to play music together as a band! 


Songs from children’s Tv series that we will teach: paw patrol, pj mask, butter beans cafe, blaze and the monster machines, supa striker, team TOP wing, kid e cats etc. (sing the songs)


Songs from kids movies that we will teach: frozen (let it go), the little mermaid, the lion king, Aladdin, Jurassic Park, sing!


Your children will be able to learn how to do team work with friends by being able to play music as a team, a group class will have 3-5 children, there will be 4 sections that the children will be allocated to 

Each child will play a different part, either bass, middle or treble or rhythm parts.
Each child will take turns changing parts to play each week and from a young age they will see how music is made and the joy from playing their favourite songs will boost their interest in music and they will understand how music can enrich their lives. We believe that when an interest is cultivated from a young age, the child will be interested learn harder techniques in the future, without even needing to force him. 


here are 8 things that your child will learn in pianoplane group piano class!


Cohesive and learn how to have team work

Team work is very important to realise in early ages of life so that kids always learn how to build each other up and encourage another. The team’s strength is its weakest link, group piano class in Pianoplane music school will let kids know that everyone is special and develop qualities that teach kids how to lead a music team. Each child will learn how to lead the music group every week and be encouraged to lead and do so in a manner that is appealing to their friends. And little leaders will soon become big leaders, very looking forward to the day. 


Group song writing class

develop activities together to write songs, each kid will kickstart his creativity engine to write a part of the song, guided by the teacher to be able to create a song part that he is proud of to contribute to the music that the class creates. And it will be a fun experience! 

write songs as a team, each of you will use your creativity guided by the teacher to create a part of a song that you can contribute.


Film a music video Together
and get into the recording studio together with fun costumes available to choose from for all graduating students. 

after recording the music video , we will put the song on YouTube to be enjoyed for many years to come, children will be able to look back as they grow up and see the progress they make and always have something to laugh about of their kids’ times. 


Use music as another communication tool from young 

even when a child does not know how to express himself because of being shy, we have many students that express themselves through music and realise their inner interests and develop a good perception to life. Even when they are not outwardly extroverted. Through group class, introverted kids find expression together with friends, and they can find that they have always many friends that will share the same interest with them, there’s no competition, just playing different parts together on the piano to create good sounds that take them on an adventure! 


Develop concentration from young 

parents always ask kids to concentrate, but how to develop concentration is the question to be asked, when your child joins us, he will learn how to focus using music and listen, and be able to know what note he is playing, this is a Swedish method of music therapy to help children to focus using music.

Learn how to be compassionate

When children play in a band, they are trained to listen to their friends , whether or not they are playing according to the beat, whether they are playing too loudly, they will listen and develop an awareness.

Develop creativity from a young age

When a child plays his favourite song on the piano, he is also able to imagine a story that is associated with the song. Imagination is thus applied to music in a healthy manner and children will always be able to play music to express themselves,  and go on an adventure never needing to go to video games to be engrossed in someone else’s imagination.

Healthy activity for children to learn to do as they become youths 5 to 10 years later

forging musical friendships are for life, the trust that your child gains from Long term friendships from young are never forgotten and they will always find the same friends from group keyboard class, friends to do any activities together meaningfully to enrich their lives and benefit the society around them in a fun way, designing the world as they go.

Bring your kids to Come catch your next flight at the Pianoplane music school, to the destination: music kingdom! starting from group keyboard classes at Pianoplane music school! “Captains what are you waiting for? The Pianoplane needs your music to fly to the music kingdom, come help us!” 😄🎵 well.. See you guys soon! 

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